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The Laatikko concept

Laatikko consists in a clever storage box for finnish skittles games (e.g. Mölkky, Smite, Scattles, Finska, Klop...). Its ambitions are to improve your gaming experience by optimizing the set up of the pins at the start of the game.

The set up of the game is faster

You don't need anymore to find skittles number 1 and 2 at first to begin the positionning. You can place pins as they come.

It's much more easier

No need to think about the order. Just place it on their number inside the box.

The positionning is steadier

The skittles are held tight and flat on the ground. As a result, even on rugged terrain, they don't fall.

The box is lighter

The right choice of wood species (lighter and stronger) allows us to produce a box with a weight of 1.415kg (empty). Almost 100g less than the original box.

Prototype stage

This is not less than 7 versions of prototypes that have been made for Laatikko before reaching the first production version. This journey was long but instructive and today we still continue having ideas to improve the box...

First production

After a long search for the ideal partner to produce a first set of boxes at an affordable price, we found a company in the eastern of France whose employees are just as passionate in their job as they are in Möllky! Thanks to them, Laatikko will take shape and will be distributed to the early adopters.

A patented concept

This idea has been told as an innovative Mölkky box. Because today it's important to protect ideas, Laatikko has received state funding for the writting and the deposit of an European patent.


Made in Brittany

Although the motherland of this game is Finland, it's in Brittany (France) that the idea of Laatikko is born. Big fans of the game but lazy enough to not want to always put the pins in the right order, we have searched to design a box to store them directly in the right configuration for the next game. After some tests and prototypes, you can see the current version of the box.

Support us

Laatikko is carried by a team of passionated people who wants to go further in this adventure. A simple like on our facebook page and sharing the information around you, that's already a major boost! If you think you can help us to achieve / promote / distribute this product, please contact us.

Origins of the name ?

The finnish word "Laatikko" means "box". We make it as simple as possible ! :)


If you want to help us or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at